How often can I visit my dog?

For basic gun dog, we like to get the dog through the steps of basic obedience, collar conditioning and force fetch before having the  owners out to visit. Once the dog is through these steps you will be invited to training days (weather and schedule dependent)

Am I required to attend training days?

No, while it is encouraged, it is not required.

What do I need to bring at drop off?

You will need to bring an up to date copy of your dogs rabies certificate, An up to date negative fecal exam and enough flea tick and heart worm prevention to last their stay. We provide everything else.

How often will I be updated on my dogs progress?

Each month you will be provided a detailed progress report attached to your invoice with an honest review of your dogs progression. 

What should I be doing with my pup before it comes to training?

We recommend building a strong prey drive. For details and tips don’t be afraid to reach out! We love helping any way we can.